Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations

We represent 13 of Canada’s children’s hospitals, who tackle the greatest challenges; and see the most critical cases. Through collaboration, we ensure all Canadian children have access to the very best care. Thanks to donors from every corner of Canada, children’s hospital foundations are the largest single non-government funder of children’s health in Canada.

  • Together we provide the best care to almost 5000 children every day at Children’s Hospitals across Canada.
  • In 2013, over 1 Million Canadians supported Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations.
  • Last year, we raised over 370 Million, making us the largest non-government funder of children’s health in Canada.
Our work and your support has resulted in:
  • 90% decrease in infant mortality over the last century.
  • Near elimination of infection by influenza.
  • Dramatic increase in cancer survival rates.
  • Inspiring increases in survival for children with cystic fibrosis.

As the illnesses we see become more complex, the treatments become more complex as well. The need for new methodologies, technology and research continues to grow. It’s because of donors like you, we will see a time when every child is healthy.

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