Partnering with SickKids


Thank you for thinking of SickKids Foundation!

We are excited to find the perfect avenue to work together, and we would greatly appreciate if you would please read the below disclosure to understand some limitations of what SickKids can and cannot do as part of our partnership.

Please note that SickKids does not

  1. Endorse products

  2. Distribute company products on SickKids property or communication channels

  3. Allow the use of our name or logo without our express written consent

  4. Place our name or logo on tangible items such as CDs, Books that are not produced by SickKids

  5. Sell or provide access to our Donor Database


If accepted by SickKids Foundation as a corporate supporter, you agree to abide by the Foundation’s standard terms and conditions and, if required, enter into a gift agreement with SickKids Foundation. The Foundation’s standard terms and conditions include the following:

  1. I agree to provide SickKids Foundation with the net proceeds of my campaign, along with an accounting, within sixty (60) days after the campaign is over

  2. I agree not to offer any tax receipts without SickKids Foundation’s prior written consent

  3. “SickKids”, “SickKids Foundation”, “The Hospital For Sick Children”, “The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation” and “In Support of SickKids Foundation” and related logos are trade-marks of SickKids Foundation and The Hospital For Sick Children. Such trade-marks cannot be used without the prior written approval of SickKids Foundation

I have read and understand these terms.

Thank you for thinking of SickKids Foundation