The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree Animated Book

What does it mean to give? What really creates happiness? Find the answers to those questions in this simple story of the lifelong relationship between a boy and a tree.

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TUMBLE – Science Podcast for Kids

TUMBLE – Science Podcast for Kids

Pretty much everything in the whole world (and in space) involves science. Come and explore a wide range of science topics with Tumble podcasts for Kids. There’s a great episode that answers your questions about COVID-19.

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Craft Activity: Yummy Gummy DNA

Craft Activity: Yummy Gummy DNA

DNA is the genetic code that makes you, you. The building blocks of DNA are the building blocks of all life. So go ahead and build a DNA double helix for yourself with gummy bears. With this craft, you get to teach yourself about DNA. And then eat what you’ve learned.

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News story: 8 Kids Turned Big-Time Philanthropists

Any of these kids could be you. Check out these amazing stories of kids who decided to make a difference by helping others. Guess what? The difference kids can make is huge.

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Crafts: beads

Craft Activity: DNA Sequence Bracelets

The instructions for all life are microscopic strands in every cell called DNA. The strands of DNA are always built with what are called ‘base pairs’. With this craft, you’ll build bracelets of complementary base pairs – the instructions for bacteria, a chimpanzee, or you.

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Ted Talk Image - Bill & Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates: Giving away their wealth

Watch this talk to see why giving their money away – and doing good – has become so important to one of the world’s richest couples.

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Image of a DNA Strand

DNA Strand Colouring Page

Get colouring! You can print this DNA double helix out, or colour it in online. Either way, you’ll produce a DNA strand as unique as you.

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spreading positivity social media image

News story: Neighbours spreading positivity during Covid-19

We’re not sharing each other’s space right now. But kids all over are sharing positive messages. Check out how they’re spreading good thoughts.

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Activity book

Spot the Difference: Zebrafish

Step into the lab like a SickKids scientist. Researchers use zebrafish to look at genetic mutations - changes that are the underlying cause of many diseases and conditions that affect kids. Take a look at these zebrafish, and see if you can spot the differences.

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Image of SickKids Hospital

Hospital Colouring

We’re building a new SickKids. Create your version of how it should look by downloading this page and colouring in the hospital.

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