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Humanitarian Awards

Thank you for your interest in the Humanitarian Awards Program. Please note that, in 2015, the Humanitarian Awards were integrated into the newly revamped President’s Award, which is managed by The Hospital for Sick Children.

Moving forward, staff, students and volunteers can be nominated by fellow colleagues at SickKids for the President’s Award in one of seven categories.  Six of the categories are based on the SickKids strategic direction and the seventh is called “Commitment to Compassion.”  The spirit of the Humanitarian Award is carried in this category which recognizes individuals or teams who consistently demonstrate qualities of compassion in providing care to patients and their families, and through the respect and kindness with which colleagues and team members are treated.  The nominee will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding commitment to compassion and humanitarianism in the provision of care to patients and their families
  • Consistent communication of the values of compassion and humanitarianism to others
  • Ability to openly partner with families in a mutually respectful manner in the decision-making process, the implementation and the assessment of the care plan for a patient. 

If you are interested in recognizing a staff member at SickKids for their care and compassion, please check out our SMILE program. The SMILE program provides SickKids families and staff with the opportunity to recognize and thank staff members through a donation to SickKids. The staff member receives a SMILE pin along with a personalized note as to why they were honoured.

The SMILE program supports the highest priority needs of the hospital as well as the Staff Continuing Professional Development Fund, which provides full and part-time staff at SickKids with opportunities to advance skills, reach new milestones in their careers and increase their knowledge and expertise. 


Past AwardRecipients

Past award recipients