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Caribbean initiative

Caribbean Initiative

SickKids-Caribbean Initiative 

Where children live plays a major role in determining their likelihood of surviving cancer.

Unlike in Canada, countries across the Caribbean do not have a health-care system that supports the best possible management of paediatric cancer – from proactive screening to early diagnosis and fast intervention. This means some children are not diagnosed until it is too late to save them. Those who are diagnosed when the disease is still in its early stages often have difficulty accessing the treatment they need.

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Six countries across the English-speaking Caribbean community have stepped forward to combat this child health issue.

SickKids is working with these countries to:

  • Train health professionals in oncology, nursing, laboratory analysis, and pharmacy;
  • Provide consultation and diagnostic expertise; and
  • Improve outcomes by developing expanding access to diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care.

The goal of the partnership is to ensure more children are able to survive their diagnosis, be cured and lead healthy, productive lives. SickKids is committed to raising $8 million over five years to support the program.

To take a deeper dive into the SickKids-Caribbean Initiative
please download this informational brochure[PDF].


For more information on making a donation to the SickKids-Caribbean Initiative, please contact:

Colin Hennigar
Phone: 416-813-1211


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