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For the week of August 18, 2014


RE/MAX believes every family should have a happy healthy home. That’s why agents and brokers throughout Ontario put their money where the miracles are, contributing more than $10 million to SickKids over two decades. As Children’s Miracle Network partners, RE/MAX across North America supports local hospitals to help kids get better and go home.

The Miracle Home Program is their signature fundraising initiative, which allows sales representatives to make a donation to SickKids, through Children's Miracle Network, for each real estate transaction closed. In addition, many RE/MAX brokerages go above and beyond by hosting events such as golf tournaments, silent auctions and barbecue fundraisers. 

To find an office or agent near you that supports SicKKids through Children’s Miracle Network, visit

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Donor Stories

Meet Joan Foster, a SickKids donor

Joan Foster SickKids Donor

Last November, when my daughter Kimberley turned 50, I decided to make a donation in our names to SickKids Foundation by giving a SickKids Get Better Gift. I searched through the online symbolic giving catalogue and chose a Safe Ride Home – so another mother would know the joy of bringing home her precious baby from the hospital, as I did many years ago.

Kim was a large baby. She had a rough trip coming into this world and arrived with her head a bit misshapen. I was told it was not a serious condition and it would correct itself within a few days. In the meantime, I giggled at her scrunched up face and her mass of straight black hair.

But the next day, doctors told me my baby was going to be transferred to The Hospital for Sick Children. There was a problem with her blood. I was devastated and cried in my mother's arms. Kim required many blood transfusions and special care from SickKids experts. Finally, after two weeks, she was discharged and I got to hold my precious daughter bundled up in blankets and take her home.

Half a century has passed since then, and though I have four children, all of whom are loved, Kim is truly the child of my heart. Every night I first thank God and then SickKids for the wonderful miracle I have been given.

My deepest gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful things you do and the lives you save.


Joan Foster

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