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Donor of the Week Spotlight

For the week of November 23, 2015

The Brick

Thank you to The Brick for joining the Children’s Miracle Network and supporting the incredible work happening at children’s hospitals across Canada!

Locally, The Brick’s support of SickKids helps to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible health outcomes for children in our community. SickKids heroes come in many forms. They are health care professionals, support staff, volunteers, researchers, families, fundraisers, donors and our corporate partners. And they all play an important role in caring for the more than 100,000 children who come to SickKids each year.

We are grateful that The Brick shares our vision: Healthier Children. A Better World


This year, TKEES worked with SickKids and patient ambassador, Chelsea, on a beautiful limited edition signature sandal. One hundred percent of proceeds will be donated to SickKids Foundation. For more information, visit

Thank you, TKEES!

Donor Stories

Paying it forward

Donor Story - Joan with family Donor Story - Joan with family

Joan has been a part of the SickKids family since 1973.  Her son, David, fell off of the examination table at his doctor’s office at just four months. Although he appeared unhurt, the doctor insisted that she take him to SickKids where he stayed under 24 hour observation.

While at SickKids, apart from her anxiety about her son, Joan was in awe of the staff and care her family received, especially from Dr. Bernard Laski, Professor of Paediatrics at SickKids. “The staff were amazing and showed genuine compassion and caring for the well-being of each and every child and family who relied on them.”  

Luckily, David had no serious injuries. But Joan knows that not all families are as fortunate as hers, and that SickKids provides so much care for children and their families, not just in Ontario and Canada, but worldwide. She remembers there being another baby in the room with her son who was very ill. Joan realized that so many children and families rely on SickKids, and she felt comforted to have this hospital so close to home.

Today, Joan’s relationship with SickKids is one of giving back for everything that made her journey through motherhood a smooth and fortunate experience. She wants to help other children that are in need of the support of SickKids to grow up and become the best they can be. SickKids’ ground-breaking research and discoveries help ensure that children will grow up to be the best they can be in terms of their physical and emotional well-being. 

“My husband and I decided to include SickKids in our will because we want to give back to an institution that provides exceptional family-centred care and because we believe that one of our greatest priorities is The Hospital for Sick Children.”

Joan was taught to be generous by her own parents who were deeply involved with their community and enriched the lives of children through their own philanthropy and volunteerism.

Joan hopes that by sharing her story, others will be inspired to donate to SickKids, making everyone a winner.

“If you are as fortunate as we have been and require very little support for your own family members, you will be lessening the burden of so many young people and contributing to a hospital which provides excellent care for children not only in Canada but all over the world.”

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