Our Commitment

To demonstrate our dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion at the Foundation, we are making the following commitment statement public:


To solve the greatest challenges in child health, first we must invest in each other.

We lead with humanity. We strive to create an inclusive culture where expressing our authentic selves is not just safe but celebrated. Where it’s a reflex to amplify the best in each other—our unique skill sets, viewpoints, and experiences—because everyone has inherent value and we understand that diversity spurs innovation, strengthens teams, and drives results. To get there, we’re taking concrete steps: applying a diversity and inclusion lens to all our policies, practices and behaviours, making changes where needed to lower barriers; building skills, knowledge and awareness of diversity and inclusion across the Foundation and with external stakeholders; and fostering a safe, accessible and positive working environment. Though we are all different, we are united by the same fierce commitment to our Mission and a shared belief that we can advance faster, and be more engaged in the pursuit, if we foster a greater sense of belonging.