SickKids Innovator Abby

Abby Herzig SickKids Innovators

Abby Herzig thrives in the city, being raised in Toronto and spending much of her adult life in New York City with her husband, Josh.  In fact, they both still work there but are based in Toronto with their three children. 


Abby’s passion for saving children’s lives is growing.  First volunteering with UNICEF and more recently, shifting her attention to SickKids.  In fact, her entire family is getting involved this year by participating in the fourth annual Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure Walk in September.


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Christina Sorbara SickKids Innovator

Through the Innovators program and other SickKids initiatives, Christina Sorbara has become a leader in the next generation of givers. Her philanthropic work in the fight for children’s health has helped educate and engage her family, friends and network around the need and importance of being an active member in the community.


From her paternal grandfather Sam Sorbara, to her three young children, Christina is proud that her family’s efforts will help SickKids provide better outcomes for SickKids patients and their families.


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photo of davida and alex

Davida & Alexander Groisman SickKids Innovators

Davida and Alexander's passion for philanthropy has been inspired by long-standing family connections SickKids. The Innovator events have become prized "date nights", allowing the couple to spend quality time together, learn directly from top researchers, and support an important cause at the same time. Davida also serves as a member of the Innovators Advisory Council and leads hospital tours for new and prospective donors. This dynamic duo is committed to making an impact and championing the next generation of philanthropy.


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two sickkids innovators, including ason kimmelman

Jason Kimelman SickKids Innovator

Born and raised Torontonian, Jason Kimelman, is a sports fan, a family man and active member of the SickKids community.


He’s forever loyal to the Toronto Maple Leafs and he spends his weekends at the hockey rink, soccer field or baseball diamond. When he wants to relax, Jason heads up north with his family.


Jason is a University of Western Ontario alumni and a University of Windsor graduate of law. He values being an active member of the SickKids community for more than 20 years.


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Diane and Patrick Hamm

Patrick & Diana Hamm SickKids Innovators

As a parent, you never want to have to take your child to SickKids. But if you do, you know it's the best place to be. This is a feeling that Patrick and Diana Hamm experienced first-hand, when one of their sons was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at birth. After spending the first six months of his life in and out of the Hospital, they decided they wanted to give back to the place that had given their family so much. The SickKids Innovators program was the perfect place to start, combining their passion for giving, learning and socializing.


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Sam Shuter and Emily Krouse SickKids Innovators

Being a SickKids Innovator means making a personal impact in the fight for children’s health; it means seeing your investment hard at work through insider access to top doctors, medical leaders and volunteer opportunities at the Hospital.


This connection to the cause is a big reason why Sam Shuter and Emily Krouse chose the SickKids Innovators program over a more traditional method of fundraising. Through the Innovators program, Sam and Emily have connected deeply to the patients and causes of the program. Whether it’s interacting with Soleil the clown, live-streaming art classes into patients’ rooms, or volunteering on the Innovators Advisory Council, both Sam and Emily have jumped off the sidelines, and on the frontlines for SickKids.


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Stacey Kline SickKids Innovator

Founder of The Good Fund, mom of four, and SickKids Innovator. No matter what Stacey Kline puts her mind to, she’s “All In.”

Focused on driving impact and mobilizing resources for good, Stacey’s work as an Innovator has helped make a difference in some of the highest priority needs at SickKids. Her devotion to philanthropy has led her to volunteer on the Advisory Council, participate in Signature Events like SickKids GetLoud, and to encourage her family to donate whenever possible. It’s because of her passion and tireless efforts, that Stacey’s truly become an ambassador for the SickKids Innovators program.

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Steven and Lori Ordanis SickKids Innovators

Steven and Lori have always been active in the world of sports, hobbies and culture. Along with their two young children, they’ve built a full life that is rich in family-fun experiences, being outdoors and good food. Now, they’re channeling all of their zest and passion to the world of philanthropy.

As new members to the SickKids Innovators program, Steven and Lori have proven themselves to be formidable ambassadors in the fight for ground-breaking treatments and research that will help prevent many childhood diseases. And they’re challenging others to do the same, by being the first-ever Innovators matching partner to pledge $100K. 
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Steven Salm headshot

Steven Salm SickKids Innovator

From one big city to the next, Steven came to Toronto from his hometown, New York City, as a trendsetting foodie and passionate philanthropist. Steven serves as the President of the Chase Hospitality Group, a leader in the Toronto dining scene, including restaurants such as Colette Grand Café and Kasa Moto, popular among socialites and young professionals.

Steven’s commitment to SickKids has gone beyond the Innovators Program to support the ‘Chase An Idea Grant’ initiative, where proceeds of select menu items fund the development of new, groundbreaking ideas that would not otherwise receive funding in the Centre for Brain and Mental Health. For Steven, it’s never about one thing or one initiative, but rather helping youth in every way possible.
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SickKids Innovator - Tristan Sones

Tristan Sones SickKids Innovator

An Innovator since inception and an Advisory Council member, Tristan Sones is undeniably devoted to the fight for children’s health. His passion for the Innovators program lies at the root of it – getting to witness how his investment has the power to make a direct impact at SickKids, in the community and beyond. Meeting the amazing healthcare professionals and hearing courageous patients and families speak first-hand about their experiences only makes it that much more special.

By day, Tristan works in Investment Management, but don’t let that fool you. You can catch him DJ’ing around town to fundraise for SickKids or better yet, you can listen to his debut single on iTunes.


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