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Did You Know?
Donor Advised Funds are flexible, cost-effective, and hands-on.

Why a Donor Advised Fund?

For donors who like more control and involvement, a Donor Advised Fund through the SickKids Charitable Giving Fund is the answer. Backed by SickKids Foundation, the Fund offers a giving vehicle known as a Donor Advised Fund, a cost-effective alternative to a private foundation.


Donor Advised Funds create a charitable legacy that can be personalized according to your wishes without the cost and administration of a private foundation. You can name the fund after a loved one or yourself and choose multiple charities as beneficiaries. By investing your charitable gift alongside SickKids Foundation endowments, you’ll receive excellent stewardship of your assets. Your fund’s rate of return will rank in the top 1 per cent of all charitable foundations in North America. You can also create a culture of giving that involves a couple, family, corporation, or group working together.


To establish a Donor Advised Fund, make a minimum commitment of $100,000 payable over five years or through your estate, name the fund and successors to continue your legacy of giving, and decide each year what charities receive grants from your fund. Fifty per cent of your fund’s support will be allocated to SickKids, and 50 per cent may be given to qualified donation recipients you choose.


When you establish a Donor Advised Fund, you receive a tax receipt for your initial donation as well as those in the future. If you use appreciated securities to establish your fund, you are exempt from capital gains tax.