To ensure no child lives in fear of food

For the more than 500,000 kids with food allergy, every day is a new challenge. Every meal and birthday party is laced with danger. Every mislabeled snack is a potential reaction. To protect themselves, kids and their families must be constantly vigilant—checking labels, avoiding foods, quizzing waiters about ingredients. Worse still, the epidemic of food allergies continues to grow—and we still don’t have a cure.

But since the launch of the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Program in 2013, we’ve made incredible progress in treating kids with food allergy. Major research projects, headed by our team of experts, are helping to predict, treat, and reduce the risk of severe reactions. Plus, our team has continued to champion public awareness about the threat of anaphylaxis.

Your support will enable more groundbreaking research into the epidemic of food allergies. And more research means more treatments—and fewer kids living in fear.


Discover how one patient went from fearing dairy to loving it.

Shaan was born with a severe milk allergy. A few years ago, a simple grilled cheese could’ve killed him. But today it’s one of his favourite foods. How’s that possible? SickKids. Here, Shaan was part of an oral immunotherapy trial, where he desensitized his body to milk by gradually drinking more and more of the stuff. Now, he doesn’t live in fear of dairy. He enjoys it—a lot.

SickKids patient Shaan and his doctor

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