Heal the future.


The era of Precision Child Health is here.

Despite incredible advances, many sick children and their families still wait too long for a diagnosis. Treatments often target symptoms rather than root causes. Care remains largely reactive, rather than predictive or preventative. Changing all of that is why we need you. Precision health for every child is the future. At SickKids, it’s already begun.


Precision Child Health (PCH) is the end of 'one-size-fits-all medicine'. It's SickKids focussing deeply, precisely on everything that makes each individual patient who they are – from their postal code to their genetic code, to every signal their body sends. Then harnessing cutting-edge science, technology, and data insights, to do three big things:


Diagnose faster

We’ll shorten the time between a patient’s onset of disease and receiving a definitive diagnosis. For every child and family, this means: A quicker answer to "What's wrong?"


Treat smarter

We’ll reduce side effects, adverse reactions and relapses, and target underlying causes, not just symptoms – so more patients can overcome illness. For every child and family, this means: Knowing the right way to make it better.


Predict better

We’ll see what’s coming more clearly while there’s time to prevent it, reduce its severity, or ready the medical team to respond. For every child and family, this means: Being able to fight harder against your child's illness, by knowing what's coming. Maybe even stopping illness before it strikes.