We’re Building a New SickKids.


At SickKids, we are fighting.

To provide world-class care. To find new treatments and cures. To save lives. But we’re also fighting against the limits of an aging, outdated hospital, where parts of the building simply can’t support modern medical care. Where NICU patients and families share a crowded room. Where the emergency department is outdated and overwhelmed.


SickKids has always been on the frontlines in the fight for child health. But some of our biggest battles are against institutional limits: an old building, research barriers, an inequitable healthcare system. To overcome these limits and unleash our full potential, donor support helps us in three areas:


Re-Imagine Our Campus

Buildings that lift—not limit—our ability to care for patients. 
We’re building a state-of-the-art hospital and Patient Support Centre, where our staff has the spaces, equipment and support to provide the best care for kids—whether they have a broken arm or a rare genetic disease. 


Continue Breakthrough Research

Expedite lab discoveries to clinical care.  

We’re ramping up investments in discovery science, clinical trials, and cutting-edge equipment so that we can rapidly translate research discoveries to treatments and cures. We’ll invest in out-of-the-box ideas that will deliver tomorrow’s breakthroughs.


Partner for Better Care

Seamless health care means no cracks to fall through. 

We’ll continue partnering with healthcare institutions, here and abroad, to train the next healthcare leaders and help deliver quality care to kids no matter where they live. 

SickKids VS: This is Why

You might never see it, but this is why we fight.