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SickKids VS Boundaries
Where you live shouldn’t determine if you live.
Did you know?
Nearly 7 million children die from preventable diseases yearly.

I’m not in Canada. Why give?

Your donation will reach a lot further than Canada. SickKids is in Toronto. But we’re a citizen of the world, and always have been. With Pablum in the 1930s, we fought malnutrition in places like Canada and the USA. With ‘Sprinkles’ in the 21st century, we’re fighting the same battle in low-income countries. It’s a micronutrient powder mothers can add to local foods to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies. That’s just one example. Today, we collaborate with health-care organizations in over 75 countries. If you’re a citizen of the world, your donation will make a difference in the world.


We believe that where you live shouldn’t determine if you live. That’s why we’re erasing boundaries. The research you fund at SickKids will pioneer new possibilities in treatment and cure not just here, but around the world. Your donation will fund the fight to keep SickKids facilities and equipment on the cutting edge – so we can deliver the best care possible to the thousands of patients who come from Canada, the United States, and across the globe. You’ll be funding the fight for childhood, supporting the innovative ways SickKids comforts kids through difficult times.


If you’re in the USA, we’ll show you how to donate to Friends of The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Inc. It should also be noted that SickKids has affiliated entities in the UK, Barbados, and Jamaica. Donors in those countries can donate locally, at the contact listed below.

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