Donor Spotlight | Week of December 4


On behalf of SickKids, we are thrilled to recognize Cedarlane for their history of investing in children’s health, and extending their generosity to SickKids for over 14 years. Their dynamic team is dedicated to providing quality products and services through empowerment and productivity, and they continually prove their dedication by helping SickKids fight against the greatest challenges in children’s health. Their generosity helps fuel innovation in research, education, and care, unleashing the full potential of SickKids.


We are profoundly grateful for Cedarlane’s unwavering loyalty and commitment. Thank you for another wonderful year. 


Irving Tissue

Over the past 8 years, Irving Tissues’ partnership with Children’s Miracle Network has helped SickKids support treatments, research programs, and specialized equipment that will lead to the next breakthrough in paediatric health. Funds raised through the ROYALE promotion held this spring in conjunction with Walmart will have a significant impact on children’s healthcare in our local communities and around the world. Thank you for helping SickKids provide world-class care to meet the complex needs of our patients, and for your annual gifts to the children in the hospital. We are so impressed by companies like Irving Tissue who have the capacity to passionately care for children.