Donor Spotlight | Week of October 8

Pacific Insurance Broker Inc.

Pacific Insurance is a trusted leader in the insurance industry providing personal, commercial and life services to our communities for over 40 years. We have always believed that continued support to our valued partners would pave a better future for everyone. Through a five year corporate match campaign and involvement in SickKids' philanthropic Innovators program, Pacific is proud to be a continued supporter of SickKids. Pacific’s philosophy is to lead by example. Our genuine commitment to effecting positive change in healthcare and advancing research in child health will hopefully lead others to follow in contributing to a lasting impact on the SickKids family.



Sandals Foundation

Sandals Foundation has been a leading partner in the fight against childhood cancer and serious blood disorders across the Caribbean. Their $1M gift in support of the SickKids-Caribbean Initiative has enabled the establishment of a telemedicine facility in Victoria Hospital in St. Lucia and the training of Dr. Chantelle Browne-Farmer at SickKids. Upon her return to Barbados, Dr. Browne-Farmer will become the second paediatric haematologist/oncologist in the country. SickKids is thrilled to honour Sandals Foundation as our Donor of the Week. Thank you, Sandals Foundation, for helping SickKids achieve its vision of Healthier Children. A Better World. Because at SickKids, we believe where you live shouldn’t determine if you live.