Donor Spotlight | Week of January 18


Complex Cares! Kids Helping Kids


Despite the many difficulties this year has brought Cindy, and her lovely daughter Marasia, Cindy continues to ensure that her stunning Opera fundraiser, which has now been turned virtual, continues to support and raise funds for the Complex Cares program at SickKids. Cindy truly is a kind and graceful person, who continues to show up to support SickKids Foundation year after year, despite the many challenges she faces.


Thank you Cindy for continuing to support SickKids, especially during these challenging times.



Policaro Group


Through fundraising initiatives and community events like Heart Month and an annual Track Day, the Policaro Group and Policaro Foundation supports the Policaro Fetal Cardiac Fellowship at SickKids, building capacity for Canada’s primary fetal cardiac diagnosis and treatment centre.


Trainees who gain experience at SickKids through the fellowship often go on to work in paediatric heart centres worldwide, providing better care and disease management for children not just at SickKids but around the world.


A family experience brought the Policaro Group to SickKids and through this they were inspired to support this important work.


Our sincere thanks for your support!