Donor Spotlight | Week of July 19




This week we would like to acknowledge our Community Partner, Keto4Kids!, as our Donor of the Week.


Keto4Kids! is a multi-disciplinary group of health care professionals including Dietitians, Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, Research Staff, Staff Physicians and Trainees treating children with the Ketogenic diet.


For the past two years participants of this fundraiser, have put themselves into ketosis with a modified Atkins ketogenic diet for a 2-week period, while raising awareness and funds for SickKids Foundation. To date, Keto4Kids! has raised over $10,700 for the Patient Amenities Food and Nutritional supports Fund at SickKids.


Thank you, Keto4Kids! We are inspired by your important work on the frontlines and grateful for the dedication to your fundraising campaigns. Thank you for continuing to help to create a future of healthier children.



Adam's Dream Fund


Through their many fundraisers via Adam’s Dream Fund, Hillary, Leah and Jessica and their supporters, have been able to ensure that Adam’s Dreams are Forever.


Supporting the Therapeutic Clown Program and Paediatric Cancer Research, Adam’s Dream Fund continues to bring hope and smiles to the many families who come to SickKids for treatment.


Thank you to the organizers of Adam’s Dream Fund for your continued support of SickKids!