Donor Spotlight | Week of May 31


Blu Genes Foundation


Blu Genes Foundation was established to advance research in gene therapy for rare genetic disorders, offering hope where currently there is none.


Blu Genes Foundation began out of a personal mission to find a cure for rare and fatal genetic disorders like Tay-Sachs disease. Blu Genes Foundation is joining SickKids to advance research for Tay-Sachs Disease with a generous inaugural gift of $360,000 in support of Dr. Zhenya Ivakine and his team in Dr. Ronald Cohn’s gene editing lab.


Dr. Ivakine and team are ready to direct their capabilities and world class expertise to design and evaluate potentially curative genome editing approaches for Tay-Sachs disease through the application of CRISPR technology.


SickKids is incredibly grateful to the Blu Genes Foundation for their generous support and we thank them for their ongoing commitment to our relentless pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries in child health.



GM Financial


GM Financial and its employees once again spent the month of May doing a special fundraising campaign for SickKids.


Matched with a very generous contribution from the company, they raised more for SickKids than ever before – impressive! This year the Toronto team welcomed the Peterborough office and created a ‘mega-team’ for SickKids.


Our sincere thanks and appreciation for your ongoing support!