Donor Spotlight | Week of April 1





SickKids Foundation is honoured to recognize willful as our donor of the week!


willful’s mission is to help Canadians create the legal documents they need to protect and provide for their loved ones, including the charities that they support, like SickKids. To date, more than 6,000 willful users have left a gift to charity in their will, amounting to over $130 million in future gifts — this includes over 250 dedicated individuals who chose to support SickKids, making it a natural partnership.


willful has been a long-time supporter of SickKids through various initiatives. In 2017, their co-founders, Erin Bury & Kevin Oulds, committed one percent of their company’s future equity through their pledge to The Upside Foundation, and personally pledged gifts to SickKids in their wills. Additionally, Erin was the Co-Chair of the SickKids Tech4SickKids, an initiative which has raised over $8 million from the Canadian technology community to date.


Thank you willful for your ongoing commitment to #healthefuture.