Can I make a designated gift?

SickKids Foundation will accept gifts restricted to a specific purpose at The Hospital for Sick Children provided the Hospital can reasonably utilize the gift.  Please note that while SickKids Foundation cannot accept gifts to a specific beneficiary (e.g. a patient or a doctor), donors can direct their donations to a particular program that the Foundation and/or the Hospital operates.


The Foundation applies a fee, to all restricted donations, of 10 percent. This fee provides the Foundation with increased capacity to raise and grant funds for paediatric health priorities, as we strive to advance children’s health in Canada and around the world. The fee also allows the Foundation to cover its administrative costs such as stewardship, granting, and reporting.


If changed circumstances should at some future time make it, in the view of SickKids Foundation acting reasonably, impractical to continue to apply the gift to the designated purpose, SickKids Foundation may redesignate the purpose of the gift, in consultation with the donor, where possible, using its best efforts to adhere as closely as possible to the original intent of your gift.