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SickKids VS takes you to the frontlines in the fight for child health. From wonder drugs that treat hypermutant tumours to machines that keep hearts beating outside the body, each episode tells the story of a different breakthrough, revealing all the hope and heartache on the tumultuous road to discovery.


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Dr. Osami Honjo

Episode 1: SickKids VS Broken Hearts

Fifty kids in Canada are waitlisted for a new heart each year. Of those, 30 to 35 will get one. Others continue waiting. But SickKids surgeon Dr. Osami Honjo thinks he has a solution. A way to expand the donor pool by keeping hearts beating outside the body. He calls it the Heart in a Box. 


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Episode 2: SickKids VS Hypermutant Tumours

SickKids  has discovered a way to treat  patients with drugs that unleash the power of the immune system. It’s called immunotherapy. And it’s the closest thing we’ve found to a cure.


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Dr. George Ibrahim

Episode 3: SickKids VS Seizures

Andi was having up to 200 seizures a day. It was unbearable—for her and her family. Nothing seemed to help. Until they met Dr. George Ibrahim at SickKids. He wanted to try something radical, a treatment which had never been used on a child in Canada: deep brain stimulation.


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Drs. Isaac Odame and Jemima Dennis-Antwi

Episode 4: SickKids VS Borders

Ten years ago, paediatric care in Ghana was nearly non-existent. There were few paediatricians, and even fewer paediatric nurses. Because of that, children died—many before their fifth birthday. So, SickKids started a nurse training program. Now, ten years later, the change is unmistakable.


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SickKids doctors in 1981

Episode 5: SickKids VS Cystic Fibrosis

In the 1950s, most kids with cystic fibrosis died in childhood. Today, things are a lot different. One SickKids patient, Mac Robertson, isn’t just surviving, he’s thriving. He’s a strong, six-foot teenager. He plays elite baseball. And, some days, he forgets he even has it. So, how’d we get here? And what does SickKids have to do with it?


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Dr. Anna Goldenberg

Episode 6: SickKids VS Cardiac Arrest

When cardiac arrest strikes, it’s dangerous, even deadly. But what if we could see it coming? What if we could turn patient data into a predictive tool? A SickKids ICU doctor and computer scientist are figuring out a way to do just that—with artificial intelligence.


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Dr. Upton Allen

Episode 7: SickKids VS COVID-19

Dr. Upton Allen, Chief of Infectious Diseases at SickKids, talks about how COVID-19 affects children, why scientists got it so wrong, and his research to better understand the virus and prep for a vaccine.


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