Dr. Paul Nathan

Dr. Paul Nathan works tirelessly to improve the lives of childhood cancer survivors. And he’s been collaborating with someone who has a unique perspective on how to take post-cancer care to a whole new level.  
Noel and his parents, Patrick and Taylor.

To really help patients like Noel, it’s not enough to know they have epilepsy — but rather why they have it. To find out, Noel’s family joined a groundbreaking global study to see what happens when you dig into the genome. 
Dr. PJ Subbaro

Breathing disorders, whether mild or severe, can be deadly. Meet the doctor who designed a new tool to better predict the risk of getting asthma.
Seth, SickKids Patient

Seth was 10 when he collapsed on the schoolyard without warning. As a baby, he’d been diagnosed with a disease in which the heart can suddenly quit. Some people with his condition can go their whole lives without experiencing this. Others die from it. And there’s no way of knowing who’s at risk – until now.
Dr. Ronni Cohn

Dr. Ronni Cohn is leading SickKids through a new frontier in medicine — to diagnose faster, treat smarter, and predict better. The CEO reveals how Precision Child Health works as we kick off a new season of breakthroughs. 

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