Lise Birikundavyi

Lise Birikundavyi Principal and fund manager, Black Innovation Capital

Rob Davis

Rob Davis Partner and Chair of the Board of Directors, KPMG Canada

Caroline Gayle

Caroline Gayle Managing Director, Accenture

Wes Hall

Wes Hall Executive Chairman and Founder, Kingsdale Advisors

Jaqui Parchment

Jaqui Parchment Chief Executive Officer, Mercer Canada

Isaac Olowolafe

Isaac Olowolafe Owner, Dream Maker Inc.

Nigela Purboo

Nigela Purboo Co-Founder and Executive Director, Onyx Initiative

Wayne Purboo

Wayne Purboo Senior Vice President Strategy, New Relic, Inc.

Kurankye SekyiOtu

Kurankye Sekyi-Otu Chief Strategy Officer, Polar Asset Management Partners Inc.