SickKids Innovators Q&A: Steven Salm

From one big city to the next, Steven came to Toronto from his hometown, New York City, as a trendsetting foodie and passionate philanthropist. Steven serves as the President of the Chase Hospitality Group, a leader in the Toronto dining scene, including restaurants such as Colette Grand Café and Kasa Moto, popular among socialites and young professionals.

Q: Why SickKids? What attracted you to the Innovators Program?
I felt there was a huge void in the foundation for young and well networked individuals to not only raise money and awareness, but to donate their time.

Q: Through the Chase Hospitality Group, your commitment to SickKids has gone beyond the Innovators Program to support the Centre for Brain and Mental Health with a ‘Chase An Idea Grant’. How has being part of this new initiative deepened your relationship with SickKids?
For us, it’s never about one thing or one initiative. There is a lot of work to be done, and we have an engaged and amazing loyal guest base who greatly appreciate the efforts we make inside and outside of our restaurants. 
Steven Salm headshot
Q: Do you have a personal connection or experience that makes you exceptionally passionate about paediatric health?
I believe so strongly in helping our youth in every way possible. Fortunately, I have never needed SickKids for personal reasons.

“I believe so strongly in helping our youth in every way possible.”


Q: Who is your mentor/are your mentors?
I try to get as much advice from people in all walks of life and business. Fortunately, I had a lot of great years with my dad who taught me much of the foundations I practice today.

Q: What are your top 3 holiday destinations?
East Africa, Cabo San Lucas, Muskoka.

Q: Which food trends do you prefer?

Gourmet ice cream cones OR over-the-top milkshakes?

Milkshakes, hands down. 

Sushi burritos or Poke bowls?
Sushi burritos

Outdoor markets OR food trucks?
Outdoor markets

Q: How do Toronto and New York’s culinary scene defer and how are they the same?

Similar, great customers, but the energy and competitiveness in New York is unlike anything I have ever experienced.