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Make a monthly or one-time donation to fight against childhood illness.
Did you know?
Each $1 invested in research equals $3 in external research funding.

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About Mall/Venue and Outdoor fundraising
Our mall and venue program was designed to reach people in casual settings such as indoor and outdoor malls, parks, airports and special events. You’ll see our SickKids booths in selected malls across the Greater Toronto Area as well as in parks. Our fundraisers engage shoppers and the general public and inspire people to fight for childhood by making a monthly donation to SickKids.  Our monthly donor community provides critical funds to create impact where it’s needed most now, and where it’s needed next.  Whether it’s funding research, clinical advances, or compassionate care, monthly giving is a great way to make a bigger impact on our fight to make every kid a healthy kid, everywhere, now and in the future. All of the children successfully treated at SickKids are living proof that monthly donors help change lives. It’s the best way for donors to make a bigger impact on our fight to make every kid a healthy kid, now and in the future. Since 2004, SickKids Foundation has conducted face-to-face fundraising campaigns in malls, events, airports, and other busy environments. Our mall and venue campaign engages and informs shoppers, and the general public, on ways they can help fund the fight for childhood at SickKids.


Our partner, Public Outreach Consultancy Inc.
SickKids partners with Public Outreach, to conduct our mall and venue fundraising. In keeping with Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and best practices for fundraising, our fundraisers are compensated through an hourly wage with no commission. They receive comprehensive training which allows them to speak on behalf of SickKids about our work and fundraising programs. Public Outreach has been a trusted partner with SickKids for over 15 years.

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