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April 22, 2021


For years, SickKids scientist Dr. Jean-Philippe Julien toiled in his lab, harnessing the power of human antibodies to try and neutralize two of the world’s deadliest diseases: HIV/AIDS and malaria. Then, COVID-19 hit, wreaking havoc across the globe. Very quickly, Dr. Julien pivoted, leveraging what he learned to pursue a new mission: making an antibody supermolecule to neutralize SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. If successful, it could radically reshape the way we approach diseases like COVID-19 and malaria—before the next pandemic hits.


Scientific Contributors

  • Edurne Rujas
  • Iga Kucharska
  • Yong Zi Tan
  • Samir Benlekbir
  • Hong Cui
  • Tiantian Zhao
  • Gregory A. Wasney
  • Patrick Budylowski
  • Furkan Guvenc
  • Jocelyn C. Newton
  • Taylor Sicard
  • Anthony Semesi
  • Krithika Muthuraman
  • Amy Nouanesengsy
  • Katherine Prieto
  • Stephanie A. Bueler
  • Sawsan Youssef
  • Sindy Liao-Chan
  • Jacob Glanville
  • Natasha Christie-Holmes
  • Samira Mubareka
  • Scott D. Gray-Owen
  • John L. Rubinstein
  • Bebhinn Treanor
  • Jean-Philippe Julien




Generous Donors

Dr. Julien’s COVID-19 Research

  • The Brookfield Foundation
  • Julie Lassonde-Gray and Chris Gray
  • Mantella Corporation
  • Jennifer and Christian Lassonde
  • Kirk and Anke Simpson
  • 407 ETR
  • TD Bank Group
  • Sprucegrove Investment Management Ltd.
  • The Frontline Fund


Thank you to all our anonymous, monthly, and unrestricted giving donors who support the highest priority needs at SickKids, including breakthrough research like this.



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