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May 4, 2022



SickKids VS Parent Stress (Part 1)

Parents of babies born with extreme medical needs are at high risk of stress, anxiety, and depression. One doctor took notice. She reveals a new type of care that could help families across the country during a critical moment: the rocky return home from the hospital.

Owen Rose
Owen Rose




Baby Owen at SickKids



Julie Rose (left) and Dr. Julia Orkin



Julie, Owen and Family


Owen at SickKids




Addressing Your Negative Thoughts



Becoming an Advocate for Fellow Parents


CTV News video on the study to support parents


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Scientific Contributors
  • Dr. Julia Orkin, MD (SickKids)
  • Dr. Eyal Cohen, MD (SickKids)
  • Dr. Nathalie Major, MD (CHEO)
  • Dr. Paige Church, MD (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)

About the Host: Hannah Bank

As a SickKids Foundation writer, Hannah works closely with world-renowned SickKids scientists, physicians, and researchers, turning dense medical jargon into engaging content about the latest research and treatments for kids. She’s inspired by the hope and perseverance of young patients and their families, a fantastic team of colleagues, and her three young girls at home.

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