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May 6, 2021


Ryan is severely allergic to peanuts. Like, hives-blossoming, throat-closing, get-me-epinephrine-now kind of allergic. But as part of a clinical trial at SickKids, which could change the course of allergy treatment, he now eats a tiny dose of the stuff every night. That’s because peanuts—the very food that could kill him—might also be the key to protecting him.


Ryan braces himself during his food challenge at SickKids.

Ryan poses - hives and all - after his food challenge.

WARNING: Please do not try this without the close supervision of a doctor.

Scientific Contributors

  • Dr. Thomas Eiwegger
  • Dr. Moshe Ben-Shoshan (McGill)
  • Alireza Berenjy
  • The Clinical Research Center


Generous Donors

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Program

  • ALK
  • David Baskin
  • W. G. Beattie
  • Audrey Campbell
  • Donald Graham Campbell
  • Marck Campbell
  • Scott Campbell
  • Nina Chagnon
  • Joan Garson
  • GE Foundation
  • H.J Heinz Company of Canada Ltd.
  • Amy S. Kaiser
  • Kraft Canada Inc.
  • Amanada J. Lang
  • Mandarin Charitable Foundation
  • Mandarin Restaurant Franchise Corporation
  • Rotman Family Foundation
  • Janis Rotman
  • Ken B. Rotman
  • Safe Return Holdings Inc.
  • The Kraft Heinz Company
  • Toronto Foundation
  • Ari Yakobson
  • Vanessa Yakobson

Thank you to all our anonymous, monthly, and unrestricted giving donors who support the highest priority needs at SickKids, including breakthrough research like this.

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