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June 2, 2022



SickKids VS The Unknown

Sheena Josselyn and Paul Frankland’s paradigm-shifting work includes selectively erasing fear memories in mice and discovering what drives early childhood amnesia. We talk to the pair – who are partners in work and life – about taking on one of the brain’s big mysteries.

Memory Scientists: Drs. Paul Frankland and Sheena Josselyn



Sheena and Paul’s daughter, Charlotte, made a fearful memory at the zoo that helped spark her parents’ research.



Selfie Day: Sheena and Paul’s lab teams.





Scientific Contributors

  • Jin-Hee Han 
  • Steven A. Kushner 
  • Adelaide P. You 
  • Hwa-Lin (Liz) Hsiang 
  • Thorsten Buch
  • Ari Waisman 
  • Bruno Bontempi 
  • Rachael L. Neve 
  • Paul W. Frankland 
  • Sheena A. Josselyn 
  • Katherine G. Akers 
  • Alonso Martinez-Canabal
  • Leonardo Restivo 
  • Adelaide P. You 
  • Antonietta De Cristofaro 
  • Hwa-Lin (Liz) Hsiang 
  • Anne L. Wheeler 
  • Axel Guskjolen 
  • Yosuke Niibori 
  • Hirotaka Shoji 
  • Koji Ohira 
  • Blake A. Richards 

About the Host: Hannah Bank

As a SickKids Foundation writer, Hannah works closely with world-renowned SickKids scientists, physicians, and researchers, turning dense medical jargon into engaging content about the latest research and treatments for kids. She’s inspired by the hope and perseverance of young patients and their families, a fantastic team of colleagues, and her three young girls at home.

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