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June 15, 2023


SickKids VS Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Isaac Odame is making life easier for children with sickle cell disease—about half of whom in Canada will be seen at SickKids. Hear how he implemented an early detection and treatment program, and how he's tackling even bigger obstacles, including toxic treatments, anti-Black racism, and limited care capacity in other parts of the world. 

Camren has sickle cell disease, but it doesn’t stop him from participating in things he loves, like attending basketball games!

Dr. Isaac Odame showcases the capsule shredder: an innovative new tool to make it easier for parents of children with sickle cell disease to administer medication safely and economically.
Dr. Chioma Okechukwu was born in Nigeria and is currently a Haematology/Oncology Fellow at SickKids, focusing on sickle cell disease. She is excited to bring her new skills and learnings back home to treat and educate children and families with the disease.

Camren poses proudly with his team’s soccer trophy.


Camren and his mom, Camille.

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About the Host: Hannah Bank

As a SickKids Foundation writer, Hannah works closely with world-renowned SickKids scientists, physicians, and researchers, turning dense medical jargon into engaging content about the latest research and treatments for kids. She’s inspired by the hope and perseverance of young patients and their families, a fantastic team of colleagues, and her three young girls at home.

Hannah Bank