May 7, 2020

Ten years ago, paediatric care in Ghana was nearly non-existent. There were few paediatricians, and even fewer paediatric nurses. Because of that, children died—many before their fifth birthday. So, SickKids started a nurse training program. Now, ten years later, the change is unmistakable.

Drs. Isaac Odame and Jemima Dennis-Antwi

Drs. Isaac Odame and Jemima Dennis-Antwi (past president, Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives)

Sally (left), a Nurse Educator, is all smiles as she provides feedback to a nursing student.
Sawdah Esaka and Mary Douglas
A paediatric associate resident learns how to examine pupils on Nurse Educator Mary Douglas in Accra, Ghana.


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Transcripts and Show Notes

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