April 23, 2020

  Hypermutant Tumours 

SickKids has discovered a way to treat cancer patients with drugs that unleash the power of the immune system. It’s called immunotherapy. And it’s the closest thing we’ve found to a cure.

Scientific Contributors

  • Dr. Daniel Morgenstern
  • Dr. Adam Shlein
  • Dr. Peter Dirks
  • Dr. Annie Huang
  • Dr. Vijay Ramaswamy
  • Dr. Meredith S. Irwin
  • Dr. Michael D. Taylor
  • Dr. Cynthia E. Hawkins
  • Dr. David Malkin

Generous Donors
  • The LivWise Foundation
  • Garron Family

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About the Host: Hannah Bank

As a SickKids Foundation writer, Hannah works closely with world-renowned SickKids scientists, physicians, and researchers, turning dense medical jargon into engaging content about the latest research and treatments for kids. She’s inspired by the hope and perseverance of young patients and their families, a fantastic team of colleagues, and her three young girls at home.

Hannah Bank