April 30, 2020


Andi was having up to 200 seizures a day. It was unbearable—for her and her family. Nothing seemed to help. Until they met Dr. George Ibrahim at SickKids. He wanted to try something radical, a treatment which had never been used on a child in Canada: deep brain stimulation.



Members of Andi's family and clinical team. From left to right: Dr. Elizabeth Donner, Neurologist; Dr. Cristina Go, Neurologist; Andi and her mother, Lori, and brother, Nicholas; Ivanna Yau, Nurse Practitioner; Dr. George Ibrahim, Star Neurosurgeon; Dr. Alfonos Fasano, Neurologist at Toronto Western Hospital; and Dr. Suneil Kalia, Neurosurgeon at Toronto Western Hospital.


  • The Feiga Bresver Academic Foundation

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