April 16, 2020


Fifty kids in Canada are waitlisted for a new heart each year. Of those, 30 to 35 will get one. Others continue waiting. But SickKids surgeon Dr. Osami Honjo thinks he has a solution. A way to expand the donor pool by keeping hearts beating outside the body. He calls it the Heart in a Box.


Annabeth is dressed up as her favourite surgeon, Dr. Honjo
Annabeth, sister Gunievere, and parents, Raven and Cameron


Scientific Contributors

  • Dr. Junko Kobayashi, MD, PhD
  • Dr. Shuhua Luo, MD, PD
  • Dr. Yohei Akazawa, MD, PhD
  • Marlee Parker, CPC, CCP
  • Jian Wang, CPC, CCP
  • Dr. David Chiasson, MD
  • Dr. Mark K. Friedberg, MD
  • Dr. Christopher Haller, MD
  • Dr. Osami Honjo, MD


Generous Donors

  • James H. Cummings Foundation
  • Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research
  • Hospital for Sick Children Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Watson Family


Transcript & Show Notes

Watch the Organ Care System's "Heart in a Box" in action
Read about the impact of the "Heart in a Box" for adults
How Ontario organ donations increased after change in policy




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