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June 9, 2022



SickKids VS Despair

Ten-year-old Hunter is living with an incurable brain tumour and, naturally, she has questions. Hear how Shaindy, SickKids Child Life Specialist, is helping Hunter cope with the worst kind of prognosis.

Hunter, 10, PACT Patient at SickKids



Hunter and Family






Hunter and Her Little Sister, Londyn


Shaindy Alexander, Child Life Specialist


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The PACT Team:

  • Adam Rapoport, PACT Physician and Medical Director
  • Kevin Weingarten, PACT Physician
  • Kate Nelson, PACT Physician
  • Sarah Lord, PACT Physician
  • Natalie Jewitt, PACT Physician
  • Shaindy Alexander, Community Psychosocial Support
  • Francis Macapagal, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Rebecca Williams, Nurse Practitioner
  • Natalie Roberts, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Lori Ives-Baine, Grief Support Coordinator
  • Sheila Atkinson, Grief Support Coordinator
  • Kim Widger, PACT Nursing
    Research Associate
  • Jenny Loor, Administrative Coordinator
  • Nadeera Carranza, Patient Information
    Coodinator & Administrative Assistant
  • Kira Goodman, Project Manager



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