Innovators Q&A: Steven and Lori Ordanis

Why SickKids? What attracted you to the Innovators Program?
Lori was born prematurely and was air lifted to SickKids and spent the first month of her life there. Understanding the positive impact that SickKids has on so many young children and babies it was an obvious choice to give back to SickKids.  

How do you feel that being part of the Innovators Program has deepened your relationship with SickKids?  
Being part of SickKids Innovators has allowed us to connect with so many positive people who all have a similar goal of helping children through the Hospital. The continuous education and relationship building they do with their donors helps continue to foster that relationship with SickKids.
Why should individuals and couples join the Innovators Program?  
The Innovators program is a great platform that allows people to enter the world of philanthropy. It allows you to understand where your donor funds are going and see the grass roots progress that is being made. Being part of that decision process, forges a relationship with SickKids that goes beyond just signing a cheque. 

"Being part of that decision process, forges a relationship with SickKids that goes beyond just signing a cheque."


What makes you passionate about improving pediatric health? 
Children and babies are so vulnerable and most of them have not developed the communication skills that would allow them to communicate their pain or sadness. Having a hospital that is completely dedicated to navigating children and families through these difficult times and focuses on getting them back to their regular lives as quickly as possible is so important. In addition, their efforts investing in ground breaking treatments and research that could prevent many of these illnesses is so vital to the future of children’s health and hopefully the cure to many of the illness that effect children today. 


What are your hobbies?  
Stevens hobbies are hockey, golf and attending various sporting events, and Lori’s hobbies are reading, yoga, golfing, and dance.

What do you like to do as a family? 
We like to golf as a family, play board games and have movie nights and every month our children take turns choosing a family fun day. Their choices vary from riding our bikes to McDonald’s to spending the night downtown and visiting the theatre. This year our children along with their cousins and grandmother completed their 2nd annual lemonade and cookie stand raising money for a local charity.  

What are your favorite Toronto social spots?
We love seeking new food experiences and enjoying restaurants in the King West and Yorkville areas. Canoe, Buca and Chase are probably our favorites.

Lori, we understand you’re a dance teacher. If you were to choose one – ballet, hip hop or tap?
Tap - ever since I was a child I loved the idea of making noise with my feet.  When you learn to tap dance, you become both a musician and a dancer, tapping into your inner rhythm and improving your sense for finding the beat and pattern in music.