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May 13, 2021


Baby Izaan was in trouble. Despite multiple rounds of chemotherapy, his tumour continued to grow, and time was running out. Izaan’s oncologist, Dr. David Malkin, enrolled him in KiCS: The SickKids Cancer Sequencing Program. The hope? That by analyzing the tumour’s DNA, they could figure out how to stop it.


Scientific Contributors

  • Mohamed Abdelhaleem
  • Nathaniel Anderson
  • Michael Braga
  • Ledia Brunga
  • Kathy Chun
  • Sarah Cohen-Gogo
  • Federico Comitani
  • Scott Davidson
  • Lisa-Monique Edward
  • Marianne Eliou
  • Fabio Fuligni
  • Bailey Gallinger
  • Meagan Gloven-Brown
  • Catherine Goudie
  • Rawan Hammad
  • Jianan Han
  • Ricardo Harripaul
  • Cynthia Hawkins
  • Reid Hayes
  • Johann Hitzler
  • Meredith S. Irwin
  • Brittney Johnstone
  • Nisha Kanwar
  • Lianna Kyriakopoulou
  • Mehdi Layeghifard
  • Yisu Li
  • Nicholas Light
  • Winnie Lo
  • Miranda Lorenti
  • David Malkin
  • Stephen Meyn
  • Maria Montero
  • Daniel Morgenstern
  • Arun K. Ramani
  • Vijay Ramaswamy
  • Carol Ann Ryan
  • Stephen Scherer
  • Mary Shago
  • Adam Shlien
  • Andrew Shuen
  • Gino R. Somers
  • Martin Somerville
  • Famida Spatare
  • Uri Tabori
  • Anita Villani
  • Larissa Waldman
  • Jonathan D. Wasserman
  • James Whitlock
  • Kyoko E. Yuki

Generous Donors

Cancer Genetics Program

  • CIBC and CIBC Children’s Foundation
  • BMO Financial Group
  • Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation
  • Luke Seabrook
  • The Marta and Owen Boris Foundation

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Visit the SickKids Cancer Sequencing Program website. 

Learn more about the Cancer Genetics Program at SickKids.




* Correction: Dr. Adam Shlein is the Co-Director of the KiCS Program, overseeing the entire lab effort.

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