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May 20, 2021


In surgery, practice makes perfect. But for surgeons operating on tiny hearts with rare defects, that kind of experience can take decades. So, SickKids cardiac radiologist Dr. Shi-Joon Yoo devised a novel solution to speed things up: 3D-printed hearts. What began in a rented office has since blossomed into a fast-growing program, attracting surgeons from around the world to SickKids for expert-led, hands-on surgical training.


The founders of SickKids’ Hands-On Surgical Training program: cardiac radiologist, Dr. Shi-Joon Yoo, and heart surgeon, Dr. Glen Van Arsdell.

Dr. Gustavo Orellena, one of a handful of paediatric heart surgeons in Ecuador, operates on a 3D model during a HOST session in 2019. He’s assisted by Dr. Glen Van Arsdell, who Dr. Orellena calls “the Lebron James of children’s heart surgery.”

Charlie and her surgeon Dr. Glen Van Arsdell bumped into each other at SickKids a few years after he’d operated on her. Says Charlie’s mom, Karen: “Charlie hates having her picture taken, but she settled right into Glen’s lap. She seemed to be in awe of him.”

Twin sisters Georgia (left) and Charlie (right). Charlie was born strikingly blue, an indication of low blood oxygen caused by her heart disease. Today, thanks to Dr. Van Arsdell and her medical team, Charlie’s heart is fully repaired and functions well. She is just as active as her sister—as any seven-year-old.

Scientific Contributors

  • Dr. David J. Barron
  • Dr. John G. Coles
  • Dr. Christoph Haller
  • Dr. Osami Honjo
  • Dr. Nabil Hussein
  • Andrew Lime
  • Nicole Wing Lam Hon
  • Brandon Peel (SickKids lead 3D-printing engineer)

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Hands-On Surgical Training

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  • Joseph and Penny del Moral
  • Labatt Family
  • Toronto Printing House
  • James Hosinec

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